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Meet the Author

Hi, I'm Afra Brown, the author of The Adventures with Kelly and Layla series. This series means so much to me because these stories are inspired by some of my real life experiences. As a young child, there were times when I felt a little different from others. It was hard to understand why I never quite fit in anywhere. This is why I write stories all about embracing your differences. Children should know that they are special and should never let anyone make them feel otherwise. I often wish that I had these books to read when I was a child, to explain some of the many situations I was going through. These books are a wonderful way for parents and teachers to help children with some of the most important life lessons. It may be hard for children to know that they are great, living in a world that constantly tells them that they are not. My hope is that these stories help children who are struggling with their self esteem and identity, and those who are struggling with tolerance. All of these things are necessary to address, and I feel that it's best to teach these lessons at the youngest ages. My goal through the messages in these stories is to help influence children to be greater, kinder, more confident and more tolerant adults one day. Please take the time to check out my books, read them to a child, and change a life. Thank you.

With so much love,


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