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Off to Plains We Go is now available on!

Kelly and Layla are back for the third book in the series! In this adventure, Kelly invites her friend Layla to visit her hometown for a very special holiday. Kelly, Layla, and Kelly’s parents are off to Plains to spend time with Kelly’s grandparents. Since Layla has spent her entire life in Mounds, surrounded by other black sheep, she is curious about the other white goats in Plains. How will Layla feel in a strange, new town where she is the only black lamb? Will Kelly’s grandparents welcome her with open arms? This story discusses the importance of forgiveness while confronting discrimination. These lovable characters will teach children about making good judgments, respecting each other’s feelings, and embracing their differences. Off to Plains We Go is available now on Amazon! Link is below.

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A Day for Hay is now available on!

The long awaited second book in the series is finally here! Kelly and Layla are on a new adventure in their small town called Mounds. In the first book, The New Kid in Mounds, Kelly, a white goat was the new kid in town. Now, she and her family have made themselves at home. Kelly's parents open a new store selling hay, a food that the black lambs have never tried before. One certain black lamb named Layla thinks that trying hay may not be a good idea. What will happen if the black lambs try this tempting new food? Find out now! A Day for is available now on  Link is below.

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Welcome to Mounds!

Mounds is a quaint, peaceful town where black sheep and their lambs have long resided. A new family of white goats move to town and make things a little different. The black lamb girls in Mounds have never seen or lived with any white goats before, so now their experiences are brand new. The black lambs are inspired to take a look at those who are not like them, and also to take a deeper look at themselves. The Adventures with Kelly and Layla series teaches children lessons about diversity, tolerance, self esteem, self acceptance, identity, non-conformity, and even touches on racism. Children are sure to understand and expand upon the lessons that Kelly, Layla, and the other black lambs have to teach them.

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The New Kid in Mounds

The first book in The Adventures with Kelly and Layla series

The New Kid in Mounds is available on!

The first book release in The Adventures with Kelly and Layla series is titled The New Kid in Mounds. This book takes children on a trip to a small town called Mounds. Kelly, a white goat and her parents are newcomers to Mounds, from the far away town of Plains. Kelly starts school in her new hometown with her new classmates, the black lamb girls. The lamb girls quickly take notice of Kelly's long-flowing straight locks of hair.  Kelly takes notice of the lambs' short curly wool, as well. The girls start to compare each other's physical features, which causes some agitation. One particular lamb girl named Layla, does not want to participate in the comparisons and wishes to show Kelly and the other lamb girls that they are not defined by their differences. Layla has a plan to teach everyone a valuable lesson. With the help of Kelly, Layla, and the lamb girls, children will surely learn the real value of respect for themselves and others. This book uniquely opens a child's mind to the benefits of acceptance on multiple levels.

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